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De voorganger kennen jullie vast wel: LUNA, de coin zie volledig gefaald heeft. De nieuwe coin heet ook LUNA, maar dan met een tweetje erachter: Binance LUNA2. Afgelopen zaterdag kwam Do Kwon, de maker van Terra, met een nieuwe coin naar buiten.

Vandaag gaan we het hebben over de lancering van LUNA 2.0, een stablecoin loterij in China, en natuurlijk het treurige record van de bitcoin koers. De koers van bitcoin is 9 weken achter elkaar in het rood gesloten, net als een groot gedeelte van de altcoins.

The Ethereum blockchain hosts all of them. We can consider, Chainlink (LINK), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), and DAI as the blue chip DeFi coins. The three possess a relatively high market cap of over $1.0 billion.

Zo hoef jij alleen maar achterover te leunen, en wordt je op een begrijpelijke manier bijgepraat. Wij publiceren elke werkdag een nieuwe video over de laatste nieuwtjes. Vond jij deze video leuk? Zorg er dan voor dat je jezelf abonneert op het youtube kanaal van BTC Direct!

Deze tokens zullen voortaan zichtbaar zijn als LUNC in plaats van LUNA. Bekijk daarvoor de video van Axel hierboven! Deze coins worden omgedoopt tot LUNA classic. En dan vraag je je natuurlijk af: wat gebeurt er met de oude LUNA?

De waarde van LUNA2 begon op 17,58 euro, maar een paar uur later schatte de markt de waarde in op 3,81 euro. Voor de originele Terra-coin zijn deze dalingen inmiddels normaal, maar blijkbaar gebeuren deze taferelen ook bij de nieuwe variant. Na de lancering van de munt zakte de waarde binnen no-time met 70%.

"Crypto assets continue to rank as the poorest hedge for major drawdowns in equities, with questionable diversification benefits at prices so far above production costs, while correlations with cyclical assets are rising as crypto ownership is mainstreamed," JPMorgan said.

On Thursday, Tesla boss Elon Musk — whose tweets have fueled bitcoin's rally — said owning the digital coin was only a little better than holding cash. He also defended Tesla's recent purchase of $1.5 billion of bitcoin, which ignited mainstream interest in the digital currency.

unpredictable) numbers . If these numbers are not unpredictable, the algorithms will be compromised. In many algorithms, we need random (i.e. In cryptography the randomness (entropy) plays very important role.

As credit card payment systems have caught up with modern shopping, the need for trust has receded slightly since you can contest credit card charges to an extent if needed. That becomes doubly true when you use systems like PayPal, or even go the old-school route and send somebody a check in the mail. However, the Wild West of consumerism lives on, in a way, in the form of the SPV wallet. When you buy something from somebody online, to some degree you are engaging in trust. You’re trusting that you’re getting what you paid for (as opposed to a box with a brick in it), that it works, that it is exactly what you bought, and so on.

SPV is short for simplified payment verification, which is usually how smartphone altcoin wallets function. One look at bitcoin’s blockchain will tell you this is a process that can take a while, and it’s expensive to boot. SPV, on the other hand, just checks to see if the transaction has been verified by a miner and it turns up on a block in the chain. To understand it, BNB let’s look at a full payment verification. You have the full blockchain of an altcoin in your wallet, the person you are buying from or selling to also has it, and you compare the two chains to ensure they match exactly.

The project found shape in 2012 when OpenCoin sought to develop a faster but cheaper alternative of payments platforms like SWIFT. The RippleNet money transfer platform is famous for instant money transfers through RTGS to any destination worldwide.

Inmiddels heeft de koers zich wel al een beetje herpakt, vergeleken met gisteren is de waarde met 17% gestegen. Dit is echter een schrale troost voor alle mensen die zo veel geld verloren met deze investeringen.

To be secure, a PRNG (which is statistically random) should start by a truly random initial seed , which is absolutely unpredictable . If the seed is predictable, it will generate predictable sequence of random numbers and the entire random generation process will be insecure . That's why having unpredictable randomness at the start (secure seed) is very important.

Such calculations are called pseudo-random functions . PRNGs are functions that start from some initial entropy (seed) and calculate the next random number by some calculation which is unpredictable without knowing the seed.

Let's discuss in bigger detail the random numbers in computer science and their role in cryptography , as well as pseudo-random numbers generators ( PRNG ), secure pseudo-random generators ( CSPRNG ) and some guidelines about how developers should generate and use random numbers in their code.

The applications offer more than the primary exchange-of-value task, but allow for financial services like loaning, cryptocurrency lotteries, and purchase of crypto coins whose value peg to that of a popular fiat currency or commodity.

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